Summer Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

August is here – which means hot temperatures, long hours of sunlight, and more everyday drivers on the road. To help stay safe while over the road, follow these truck driver summer safety tips courtesy of the JS Helwig & Son safety team.

truck-driver-summer-safety-tipsTruck Driver Summer Safety Tips:

Watch Out for More Traffic

During the month of August, thousands of families hit the road for last minute vacation plans. Many of these vehicles have inexperienced teenage drivers behind the wheel, so safety is critical. Always allow for extra passing room, keep a safe distance from all vehicles, and watch your surroundings at all times.

Be Prepared for Work Zones

All across the country, roadwork begins and ends during the warm summer months. Pay close attention to speed limits, warning signs, and workers on the side of the road.

Slow Down Around All Schools

Even though school is out the first half of the month, children across the United States begin returning to the classroom the second half of August. Even if the yellow light is not flashing, we encourage you to slow down to the posted school zone speed limit.

Inspect Your Truck and Trailer

Let’s face it. Equipment can fail during the hot summer months as often as the cold winter months. Look over all areas of your truck and trailer – especially tires, brakes, engine coolant, and A/C – at every pre-trip inspection.

Pay Attention to the Weather

During your drive each day, continuously check the weather reports. August often brings unpredictable weather such as hail, thunderstorms, torrential rain, and tropical storms. When the roads are wet and the winds are high, always remember to slow down and keep a safe following distance.

Beat the Heat with these Hot Weather Tips:

Stay Hydrated to Stay Alert

During the hottest month of the year, drink plenty of water throughout the day. By staying properly hydrated, you will feel better and have more energy.

Take Breaks When Needed

Nothing you haul is worth hurting yourself. If the heat begins to take a toll on your body, stop to hydrate, rest, and cooldown. If you become ill while out on the road, always stop your truck in a safe location and contact dispatch.

Wear Sunglasses and Sunscreen

When behind the wheel or while outside, make sure you protect your skin and eyes at all times.

Driver safety is our top priority at JS Helwig & Son – so we hope you find these truck driver summer safety tips useful and easy to implement on a daily basis.