J.S. Helwig & Son Succeeds with Simple Formula

J.S. Helwig & Son was recently featured on Transportation & Logistics International’s website, where the company’s respect for drivers and service to customers were front and center.

Respect for Drivers

To help build strong relationships with customers and provide a delivery rate of 98% on-time performance, J.S. Helwig & Son must rely on a strong and dedicated team of company drivers and owner operators.

The driver turnover rate at Helwig is currently less than half of the industry average. This statistic is achieved by the family atmosphere that has always been a key part of the company culture. James Helwig, Owner, President and CEO, told TLI Magazine, “I started out 40 years ago driving a truck myself and I want them to know they are not a number. Once people sign on here, everyone is treated with respect. I explain there is a chain of command, and give them my card to call me if a problem doesn’t get solved. But the chain is working because the people who work here know the culture of the company.”

Every Helwig employee on the road and in the Terrell, Texas office works as a team and supports each other. The company keeps a ratio of fewer than 50 drivers to each fleet manager, where the industry average currently stands at 80 drivers. Jamie Helwig, Vice President, says, “That makes them so much better as an advocate to the drivers. It is part of our culture to show the drivers that they are important, that they are not dispensable or replaceable.”

J.S. Helwig & Son also shows its appreciation to drivers with lunches, frequent cookouts and other events. It opened a new 6,000 square foot driver facility that has a large lounge with a big screen TV and recliners, two additional media rooms with recliners and big screens, well-equipped hotel-quality bathrooms and showers, a full-service gym, free washers and dryers and climate-controlled dog kennels for when pets come off the road. As a pet lover himself, James Helwig places no breed restrictions on pets.

Above Average Pay for Experienced Drivers

In 2018, J.S. Helwig & Son increased pay for both company drivers and owner operators.

  • Company drivers start at 47CPM with annual raises up to 52CPM
  • Owners operators are at $1.40 per mile plus fuel surcharge

“We only hire experienced drivers, and that helps with our level of safety and service,” says Jamie Helwig.

If you are interested in joining the Helwig team as a company driver or owner operator, we encourage you to apply today.

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