Perks of Being a Truck Driver

The Perks of Being a Truck Driver

Photo Courtesy of John Somers II

As news outlets continue to discuss a shortage in CDL drivers, many people question whether professional driving is a good career choice. The answer to that is yes! Let’s first discuss the main reason behind the truck driver shortage, which is a strengthened economy. In the past year, the economy has grown, increasing demand for goods. These goods include anything and everything we eat, wear and use on a daily basis. Because of this, it is estimated 99% of trucks are in use nationwide each day. Why would you not want to take advantage of a career with freedom, stability and security? Besides a need for CDL drivers, there are a number of perks of being a truck driver. J.S. Helwig & Son would like to share a few of our favorites in this blog.

Benefits of Professional Driving and Being a CDL Driver

Do you ever feel like the road calls to you? Do you want a job that allows you to see the various areas of the United States every day? Do you feel like an “office” job is not the right fit? If any, or all, of these sound like you, you may be an ideal candidate for professional driving of a tractor and trailer.

CDL drivers are able to experience a job unlike many others. Becoming a truck driver may be a natural fit for many, but others may need to read some benefits of the job they are not aware of.

There are many positive aspects of being a professional driver. Here are some of the top perks of being a truck driver:

  • Get paid to explore the country. That’s right! CDL drivers get paid to hit the open road and explore the United States.
  • Independence. While on the road, there is no boss sitting behind you at a desk all day. Even though there are deadlines, the independence that comes with trucking is unlike many other career options.
  • The love of big equipment. Let’s face it. Some people love the idea of professional driving simply because they like the roar of a diesel engine and large equipment.
  • Job security. There will always be a demand for good quality and hardworking truck drivers, especially when the economy is up.
  • Each day is different. The destinations, travel and challenges are different every day.
  • Flexibility on where you live. If you are a more adventurous personality and do not want to live in the same town forever, truck driving allows you to move permanent residences and keep your job.
  • Not wearing a business suit. We understand wearing a hot, stuffy, uncomfortable suit is not fun for most people. Truck drivers have the option for more comfortable, but still appropriate, business clothes. Many drivers enjoy company t-shirts, jeans, hats and tennis shoes.

As you can see, being a professional CDL driver can have its benefits. There are even more perks of being a truck driver, but we didn’t want to bore our readers.

Is professional driving for you? If you have at least one year of experience in the past three years and would like to join us at J.S. Helwig & Son, please contact our recruiting team at (844) 299-2824. We would love the opportunity to tell you the many benefits of becoming a Helwig driver.