Driver Testimonials

Driver Testimonials

J.S. Helwig & Son believes it is both the collective and individual efforts of our drivers and employees that make us a superior temperature controlled trucking company. Each member of our team is always encouraged to come forward to present their views and ideas, and our management team is available to listen and respond. Please take a moment to read some of our driver testimonials and how the Helwig family works together to provide the highest level of customer service available.

I Want to Retire Here

“In my eleven years of driving, when I came to Helwig in 2010 I knew I was home. I want to retire here. I am treated with respect in every department and the commitment by the company to the driver force is second to none.”

Larry Hill

Thanks Mr. Helwig & Family

“I am proud to say I’m a JS Helwig driver. I am proud to be at a company whose main aim is honesty. Everything JS Helwig lays on the table gets completed. Honesty provides a sense of security and assurance that will be taken care of. Thanks Mr. Helwig & family!”


Totally Satisfied with the Company

“I’m totally satisfied with the company. The recruiting started with Debbie. Operations: Mark, Shawn, Ronnie & AJ always keep me going and going. OSD: Crystal & Pam, make sure everything in place, so we can get on our way. Shop: Terry and staff, Night Dispatch: Lee, RC and Mike. Safety: John and staff. Drivers: Every one of them. My goal is to be there for all of the above, office and drivers, 200%”

Jimmy Harvey

They Treat me with Respect

“Mr. Helwig has done an excellent job of moving this company up in class. I really appreciate the details that make our new driver’s lounge comfortable, along with nice showers and laundry facility, shows how much this company cares about their drivers. We drive late to new model equipment that is well maintained. I’ve never had a problem here that was not professionally solved, whether it is breakdown, payroll, load, or other issues. Staff is well organized and professional. They treat me with respect; I feel like they understand me as a driver and issues I face on the road. Other drivers here share a higher level of professionalism and courtesy towards each other as well as ambition in their personal lives. I’ve never had a problem getting my home time within reason. And I make good money too.”


All You Could Ask for in a Company

“I’ve been a Helwig driver for close to 4 years. In 20 years driving, I only worked for 3 other companies. But Helwig far outshines the others. Competitive pay and benefits. Great driver facilities and equipment. And friendly office and shop personnel. And pet friendly. About all you could ask for in a company.”

Mark Cheyne

Thank You JS Helwig

“Thank you JS Helwig for the opportunity to become part of your family, and to have profit and happiness in my job. My wife Lori, our dog Lady, and I love our life on the road with this company.”

Jeffrey Hanson

I Plan on Retiring Here

“I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m more than grateful for the opportunity to become part of the Helwig family! I’ve only been here a year but I’m planning on retiring here! I want to thank everyone at JS Helwig for the hard work that y’all do for us!”

Kelly Wood

Hands Down Best Company

“Hands down best company. Never has lied and has been upfront and honest about everything. Any issue or problem that has come up, a quick call or message out on the road and it gets fixed. At the yard, just a matter of going to talk to who I need in order to get problems fixed.”

Chris Campbell

Much Love to My Helwig Family

“Awesome Company! A BIG THANK YOU for having my truck towed to Freightliner, accommodating me to the utmost and our SHOP for constantly getting updates on the truck in a timely manner to get me ROLLING!! Much love to my HELWIG FAMILY!”

Cindy Powers

Thank You Helwig

“Well, I don’t drive for Helwig, but my husband Robert does. I went to orientation with him. They put us up at a really nice hotel. I got to go to orientation and met the owner James. He is a really nice guy. The employees lounge and kennels they have for the fur babies are above and beyond great. I got to meet everyone in the office. In that office there was not one frowning face, everyone had a smile and said hi. Everyone was happy to meet everyone coming through. I really like my husband’s dispatcher Mike he is a real cool guy. My husband is happy, they got him home when they said they would, and they keep him moving. Thank you Helwig. I have a feeling it only gets better from here. Great company to work for.

Sharon Rapposelli Wilcox

Part of Their Family

“I’ve never felt more comfortable with any other company. I don’t worry about the miles here because I run hard. Everyone makes me feel like I’m part of their family.

Smokie Brandenburg

This Is a Happy Wife of a Trucker

“This year will be my husband’s 5th year with Helwig. I can honestly say this has been the best company he has worked for. The company is family oriented and will do what they can for every situation. Mr. Helwig works on location and wants to hear from his drivers. He will host company picnics at the yard and he also hosts driver appreciation, which lasts for a week. So this is a happy wife of a trucker at J.S. Helwig.”

Lisa Davis Blevins

I Knew That This Is Home

I am new with Helwig. I am just about 1 day away from getting out of orientation. From the moment I spoke with my recruiter, Leslie Hawkins, I could tell that there was something different about Helwig. From the first minute I was on site at the terminal, I knew that this is home. Everyone is so positive, happy and in trucking, this is refreshing. Helwig’s tag line reads, “Different from the start”. This is such a true statement.

Jimmy Balter

Best Company I Have Worked For

 “I have been here almost 2 years and people here really do care about you. The best company I have worked for in 23 years of my career. I want to say thank you for all we do here. God Bless.”

Ronald Findley