J.S. Helwig & Son, LLC Company History

James Helwig started in the transportation industry as a driver. While on the road, he had big dreams of starting his own company one day. In 1984, he followed those dreams, purchased 15 trucks and established J.S. Helwig & Son, LLC. Since then, the company has flourished and James now operates approximately 300 power units and 450 refrigerated trailers, leading one of the best temperature controlled trucking companies in the United States.

James Helwig currently stands as the Owner, President and CEO of J.S. Helwig & Son. Maintaining the open door policy he started in 1984, he continues to build lasting relationships with his employees, drivers and customers.

A strong believer in integrity and respect, James believes it is the individual and collective efforts of the J.S. Helwig & Son team that continues to make the organization a superior refrigerated freight carrier. He encourages all drivers and employees to come forward to present any ideas and views they may have to better the company.

As an animal lover and all-around caring person, James Helwig aims to continue the family-oriented environment at J.S. Helwig & Son, even as the company continues to grow each day, by offering the best terminal amenities, allowing pets in the trucks and terminal at all times and being available for all customers, drivers and employees day and night.